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I own a house at Moreton Island and go there almost every week. This of course involves a lot of travel on the vehicle barge Moreton Venture and the subsequent chore of letting down my tyres.

I own a Nissan 720 Ute, which is an oldie but a goodie and ideal for the kind of beating a workhorse vehicle gets when driving on the island and a 61 VW set up for fishing, that was recently rebuilt by John Alder at Volks Engineering at Rochedale.

I like to run 15psi in the rear and 18psi in the front tyres on the Nissan and 10psi all round in the VW and because I run tubeless tyres with Secondair inner tubes,like my presures to be accurate.

Prior to getting my two sets of Staun Tyre Deflators (one for each car), letting the tyres down was something that was a bit of a job, having to crouch beside the vehicle, let air out of the tyre and check it all the time to make sure that pressures were right.

My Staun deflators do the job easily and are very accurate. In fact, they always let the tyres down to the exact pre set pressure and the whole operation is as easy as screwing them on and taking them off a couple of minutes later.

Ken Brown
Brownie's Coastwatch
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Have you ever been on the trail and looked at your watch, and then wondered to yourself, “where the heck did the time go?” Yeah, me too. And if you’re like me, a surprising chunk of time is spent airing down when you could be doing other things like actually four-wheeling! Staun Tyre Deflators can save that time for you.

Before you start complaining about how you’ve heard that tire deflators are slow, let me start by telling you that the Staun deflators are the fastest that you can buy. Dropping a typical 31″ tire (10R15) from 30 to 18 psi takes 1 minute, 50 seconds. Now, that doesn’t mean about 8 minutes for four. It’s quite a bit less because the deflators work simultaneously. They work so quickly, in fact, that you don’t need to drive for a while with the deflators attached. The same cannot be said for other brands of tire deflators. In fact, that’s the main reason why people lose other manufacturer’s tire deflators: they forget to remove them! With the Staun deflators, this will never be a problem.

Besides being fast, these deflators are also very accurate. They will begin working even if the difference between the current and target pressure is a mere 2-3 psi. They’re also consistent, showing a maximum variation of 1/4 psi in repeated tests. That’s pretty good. In fact, that’s better than I do with my dial gauge! By the way, they can be set to pressures anywhere from 30 down to 6 psi.

So, if you want a fast, easy and accurate way to air down your tires, BUY STAUN TYRE DEFLATORS. They’re the best of the bunch and you won’t lose them.

BC 4x4
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The latest cool offroad product to come out of the Land Downunder is Staun’s Tyre Deflators. These nifty gadgets air down your tires to a pressure you preset, then automatically shut off, very similar to the Oasis Trailhead Deflators I reviewed back in March of 2001.

Like the Oasis deflators, the Staun deflators come four in a set and include a leather storage pouch, though the Staun pouch is almost too small to stuff the four brass deflators into. On the back of the bright orange package is a small instruction card that you can cut out and store in the pouch.

Setting them is pretty easy. You’ll loose a bit of air each time you set a deflator, so check the pressure between setting deflators and add some pressure if necessary. This process paid off for me because checking the pressure settings of each deflator after it was all done showed them to be within 1psi of each other. Not bad…

The Stauns are fully adjustable from 6 to 30psi, and come preset to 18psi. I set ours to 13psi. It took exactly 4 minutes to air down my 35×12.5R15 Goodyear MT/R spare tire from a street pressure of 28psi to a trail pressure of 13psi. That’s not quite as quick as the Sun Performance Quickair key chain deflators, but it’s a trade-off I’m more than willing to make to not have to mess with constantly checking air pressure as the tires are airing down.

Jason West
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We have used the Staun Tyre Deflators for many years. The features are:

Ease of use – The system works automatically and the extended notched stem makes it easier to restart the deflation when slight adjustments are required (great advantage).

Reliable – High quality machining results in more reliability by holding the setting accurately.

Storage Pouch – The storage pouch is a must when considering the rattling the average 4WD goes through on track. This pouch will protect the product, keep them together in a safe place and protect your interior from being trashed.

Suggestions to the manufacturer: Keep up the good work guys!

Michael Ellem
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