About Staun

How it Started

Staun Tyre Deflators (Staunies) were born from a simple idea that originated when two mates went on a 4 wheel drive outing off the coast of Australia back in 1998. Prior to enjoying some off road driving and on a barge crammed full of 4×4’s, they noticed all of the other 4 wheel drivers, including themselves, down on their haunches, squatting uncomfortably with restricted access to deflate their tyres. Everyone was using an assortment of things from keys to matchsticks in one hand while juggling torches and tyre gauges in the other in an effort to let their tyres down quickly.

They thought there has to be a better way than this – so the next 2 years were spent researching, designing and refining their idea to result in Staun Tyre Deflators. The simple and fast device that lets you accurately deflate your tyres.

The business had grown from a backyard workshop to a worldwide distributor in a matter of a few years, reinforcing the ingenuity of the product. The Tyre Deflators are recognised as a high quality, functional item that serve their customers well.

The company aims to increase their international presence, while being a proudly Australian owned operation.

Simple to Use

The tyre deflators are simply screwed onto each tyre valve stem doing all of the work for you! All you have to do is take them off your tyres when they stop deflating and you’re set to go off-road!
My Staun deflators do the job easily and are very accurate. In fact, they always let the tyres down to the exact pre set pressure and the whole operation is as easy as screwing them on and taking them off a couple of minutes later.
Ken Brown
Brownie's Coastwatch
If you’re looking for a no-brainer way to air down your tires – or tyres, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the Staun Tyre Deflators. Quick and easy to use, they’ll have you aired down in no time.
Cole Ford
Let me start by telling you that the Staun deflators are the fastest that you can buy. Besides being fast, these deflators are also very accurate. They will begin working even if the difference between the current and target pressure is a mere 2-3 psi.
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