Michael Ellem – Offroad Images Product Review

Offroad Images Rating : 9/10

We have used the Staun Tyre Deflators for many years. The features are:

Ease of use – The system works automatically and the extended notched stem makes it easier to restart the deflation when slight adjustments are required (great advantage).

Reliable – High quality machining results in more reliability by holding the setting accurately.

Storage Pouch – The storage pouch is a must when considering the rattling the average 4WD goes through on track. This pouch will protect the product, keep them together in a safe place and protect your interior from being trashed.

Suggestions to the manufacturer: Keep up the good work guys!


Every now and again you come across a product that is truly revolutionary and worth its weight in gold, saving time and inconvenience when out in the field. The staun tyre deflator kit is one of those rarities, a great accessory that belongs in every four wheeler’s glovebox, easily used for accurate deflation purposes, perfect as a gift.

David Wilson4WD driver trainer, author & presenter of Foxtel’s "Beyond the Bitumen" television series