Jason West – jeepin.com

The latest cool offroad product to come out of the Land Downunder is Staun’s Tyre Deflators. These nifty gadgets air down your tires to a pressure you preset, then automatically shut off, very similar to the Oasis Trailhead Deflators I reviewed back in March of 2001.

Like the Oasis deflators, the Staun deflators come four in a set and include a leather storage pouch, though the Staun pouch is almost too small to stuff the four brass deflators into. On the back of the bright orange package is a small instruction card that you can cut out and store in the pouch.

Setting them is pretty easy. You’ll loose a bit of air each time you set a deflator, so check the pressure between setting deflators and add some pressure if necessary. This process paid off for me because checking the pressure settings of each deflator after it was all done showed them to be within 1psi of each other. Not bad…

The Stauns are fully adjustable from 6 to 30psi, and come preset to 18psi. I set ours to 13psi. It took exactly 4 minutes to air down my 35×12.5R15 Goodyear MT/R spare tire from a street pressure of 28psi to a trail pressure of 13psi. That’s not quite as quick as the Sun Performance Quickair key chain deflators, but it’s a trade-off I’m more than willing to make to not have to mess with constantly checking air pressure as the tires are airing down.


Every now and again you come across a product that is truly revolutionary and worth its weight in gold, saving time and inconvenience when out in the field. The staun tyre deflator kit is one of those rarities, a great accessory that belongs in every four wheeler’s glovebox, easily used for accurate deflation purposes, perfect as a gift.

David Wilson4WD driver trainer, author & presenter of Foxtel’s "Beyond the Bitumen" television series