Ken Brown – Brownie’s Coastwatch

I own a house at Moreton Island and go there almost every week. This of course involves a lot of travel on the vehicle barge Moreton Venture and the subsequent chore of letting down my tyres.

I own a Nissan 720 Ute, which is an oldie but a goodie and ideal for the kind of beating a workhorse vehicle gets when driving on the island and a 61 VW set up for fishing, that was recently rebuilt by John Alder at Volks Engineering at Rochedale.

I like to run 15psi in the rear and 18psi in the front tyres on the Nissan and 10psi all round in the VW and because I run tubeless tyres with Secondair inner tubes,like my presures to be accurate.

Prior to getting my two sets of Staun Tyre Deflators (one for each car), letting the tyres down was something that was a bit of a job, having to crouch beside the vehicle, let air out of the tyre and check it all the time to make sure that pressures were right.

My Staun deflators do the job easily and are very accurate. In fact, they always let the tyres down to the exact pre set pressure and the whole operation is as easy as screwing them on and taking them off a couple of minutes later.

Every now and again you come across a product that is truly revolutionary and worth its weight in gold, saving time and inconvenience when out in the field. The staun tyre deflator kit is one of those rarities, a great accessory that belongs in every four wheeler’s glovebox, easily used for accurate deflation purposes, perfect as a gift.

David Wilson4WD driver trainer, author & presenter of Foxtel’s "Beyond the Bitumen" television series